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Please give full information for the date, source and author fields. The date of a photograph must be when the original photograph was created, and not the date of upload, nor the date of any scan or other derivative action. If the photographic image has been modified please give author, date and license for each modification. Please use template {{Artwork}} if the image is of a painting, sculpture or other artwork and {{Book}} if the image is a part of a complete set of page scans of a book (or in the case of DjVu and PDF, one file may comprise all the pages).

This template is used to provide formatting to the basic information for files (file content, license, authorship information etc.). This template is automatically inserted by the JavaScript-aided upload tool too.

For a full usage description of the template, see Commons:First steps/Quality and description.

The template automatically sets the following categories: Category:Author matching Creator template, Creator template not used when appropriate



|date           = 
|source         = 
|description    = 
|author         = 
|permission     = 
|other versions = 



Date of creationDate of creation, when the original source (such as photograph of 3-D scene, digital file, or original 2-D artwork) was created. Possible formats:
  • ISO 8601 is the preferred format, e.g. "2006-01-15" for "15 January 2006". Dates following this format are processed by {{ISOdate}}. The following formats are recognized:
    • YYYY
    • YYYY-MM
    • YYYY-MM-DD
    • YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm
    • YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm:ss
  • Use {{other date}} for less precise dates, like: circa…, after…, spring of…, between…, etc.
  • It is possible to use {{date}} template. For example "date=2008-06-09" is equivalent to "date={{date|2008|6|9}}", but ISO 8601 format is preferred.
    In many cases multiple dates and/or extra explanations are required:
  • For photos, we have special templates {{Taken on}} and {{Taken in}} to indicate when the photograph was taken and to distinguish it from the creation date of the depicted work or from the creation date of the derivative work (modified or cropped photo, collage etc.). Those templates use ISO format (e. g. {{Taken on|YYYY-MM-DD hh:mm}} or {{Taken in|YYYY}}).
  • If date is missing but digital file has EXIF data then {{According to EXIF data}} template can be added (usually done by a bot). The templates use ISO format (e. g. {{According to EXIF data|YYYY-MM-DD}}).
  • If the creation date of a file moved from other project is unknown, {{Original upload date}} can be used — this template should be also used (in addition) if the first publication date (outside Commons) is relevant in relation to copyright. This template also uses the ISO format.
  • If the creation date of a file (not moved from other project) is unknown, {{Upload date}} can be used. This template also uses the ISO format.
  • If the file is a modified or derivative work, both date of the original (source) work and date of the last version (derivative work) should be stated with appropriate comments or notes.
  • If the date has to be furnished with some specifying text, not covered by one of the above templates, (e. g. "date of creation", "date of the first publication", "date of modification" etc.) then dates have to be specified using {{ISOdate}} (i.e. {{ISOdate|2009-08-18}} (date of creation))) or {{date}} (i.e. {{date|2008|6|9}} (date of modification)) templates.
  • If the file is not a simple copy of the depicted work, the date or year of the creation of the depicted work should be stated rather in the "description" field.
other fields 1
Other fields 1
Other fieldsAdditional table fields added between Description and Date rows. You have to use {{Information field}} or a specialized template such as {{Credit line}} and {{Image generation}} to populate this field.emptyoptional
SourceInformation about where the file is from (own files should be tagged with {{own}}); if the file is based on other files then the original files should also be uploaded (if possible) and referenced. Possible content:
  • {{own}} for works uploaded by the author
  • {{private correspondence}} for previously unpublished works uploaded at the behest of a third party who wishes to remain confidential (such works must be connected with an OTRS ticket and the tag {{subst:OP}} should be added to the file after an email with a permission statement has been sent to OTRS).
  • URL where the file was found on the web, i.e. its url or its web address.
  • {{Derived from}} when it is derived from other files, a list of those files.
  • Book reference (using {{scan}} and {{Cite book}} templates) for images scanned from a book. If image was scanned by the uploader that should be mentioned too.
  • Plus d'informations: Commons:Essential information
    {{Source missing}}required
    DescriptionDescription of the image or other media file. Content of the description should provide brief (if possible) but complete information about the image. It should:
    • Identify subject like notable people (use {{Depicted person}} template), animals, objects, cars, weapons, etc.
    • Identify location (if relevant) by text, like: city, country, building name or address, etc.
    • Note that location coordinates are not directly included as separate field in the "Information" template. Template {{location}} (for camera location and heading, preferred) and/or {{object location}} (for the depicted objects) should be used. Template {{location}} should be placed directly above or below {{Information}}.
      Note: some users prefer to include location template(s) into the „Description“ field of {{Information}} template in order to group all location information together – this solution is fully serviceable but objections are in point of graphic design not ideal adjusted for such use. See this and this discussion.
    • In general description should provide information to support all subject categories of the file.
    • In case of group pictures or other images where image details might warrant separate description please use image annotations, but remember that those annotations might not be visible on Wikipedias which did not adopt the gadget to display them.
      Description format should use:
    • Wikilinks to Wikipedia articles. This helps with disambiguation and allows shorter format.
    {{Description missing}}required
    AuthorOriginal author of the file; where appropriate, use {{Creator:Name Surname}}. If the work is derived from or depicts works by someone other than the author, the author of the original work should also be mentioned. For example, for a photograph of a sculpture, make a mention of both the sculptor and the photographer. This field should not be used to specify the scanner, finder or uploader of the image; they are not the author.{{Author missing}}required
    PermissionLicense and other usage limitations and warnings. Due to the size of many license templates they are often placed in a separate section below {{information}} template. In such a case please leave this field blank.
    The license is related primarily to the file itself. If need to state a license of the depicted (or other source) work, include it additionally with appropriate comment. If needed, use relevant FoP templates. You can use {{Artwork}} instead of {{Information}} for simple copies of artworks.
    other fields
    Other fields
    Other fieldsAdditional table fields added on the bottom of the template. You have to use {{Information field}} or a specialized template such as {{Credit line}} and {{Image generation}} to populate this field.emptyoptional
    other versions
    Other versions
    Other versionsLinks to files with very similar content or derived files; use thumbnails or Gallery tags <gallery> </gallery>.
    Often the tag:gallery may be useful.

    {{F}} enables to show also small icons of these files.

    If appropriate, {{Derivative versions}} is useful. See also: Other versions templates.

    Additional information

    The template is intended to be used in the following namespaces: the File namespace

    The template is intended to be used by the following user groups: all users

    Relies on:
    Template:ISOdate, Template:Parse source, Module:TemplatePar


    This template is localized by utilizing MediaWiki namespace messages. These can be translated at (current translations).

    Example usage

    Example for photograph

    For example the source code of the description of photograph File:Piers Sellers spacewalk.jpg is:

    |Description=L'astronaute [[:fr:Piers Sellers|Piers Sellers]] durant sa troisième sortie dans l'espace au cours du vol STS-121, une démonstration des techniques de réparation du bouclier thermique.
    |Source=[ NASA News & Events] –, from
    |Author=NASA, astronaut [[w:Michael E. Fossum|Michael Edward Fossum]]
    |other versions=

    The code hereinbefore produces the following information table:


    L'astronaute Piers Sellers durant sa troisième sortie dans l'espace au cours du vol STS-121, une démonstration des techniques de réparation du bouclier thermique.

    Source NASA News & Events, from
    Auteur NASA, astronaut Michael Edward Fossum

    Example other_fields

    Example using the other fields parameter to display a credit line:

    | Description  = Description
    | Source       = {{own}}
    | Author       = John Doe
    | Date         = 2008-06-09
    | Other fields = {{Credit line |Author = © John Doe | Other = Wikimedia Commons |License = CC-BY-3.0 & GFDL}}

    will produce:



    Source Travail personnel
    Auteur John Doe
    (imposé par la licence)
    © John Doe / Wikimedia Commons / CC-BY-3.0 & GFDL
    © John Doe / Wikimedia Commons


    For many media it is desirable to use a geocoding template in addition to the Information template.


    This template also emits an hCalendar microformat marking the creation of the image as an event. To do this, it requires the {{Date}} template, and takes the file name as the "summary" property. Optionally, it can include the {{Creator}} as an attendee and an hCard microformat, and use the contents of {{Description}} as the hCalendar's "description" property. Coordinates may be included by use of {{Location}} or {{Object location}}.

    See also Commons:Machine-readable data.

    See also