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Ceci est la page de documentation pour Module:I18n/date

Translations used by Module:Date.

Translations are stored in 2 tables:

  • p.DateLang - matches individual languages with specific date format used bo one or more languages. All unlisted languages default to English format. Languages like "de-formal" follows regular language fallback chain and would default to German, and only if that does not exist then to English.
  • p.DateFormat - Date format parameter which will be passed to {{#time:}} parser function, which are described here. It depends on the language and which parts of the date need to be displayed.
Different forms are:
  • YMDHMS = stands for YYYY:MM:DD, HH:MM:SS format or equivalent
  • YMDHM = stands for YYYY:MM:DD, HH:MM format or equivalent
  • YMD = stands for YYYY:MM:DD format or equivalent
  • YM = stands for YYYY:MM (year-month) format or equivalent
  • MD = stands for MM:DD (month-day) format or equivalent
  • Y = stands for YYYY (year only) format or equivalent
  • M = stands for month name only

To do: occasionally compare with translatewiki's Pagetriage-info-timestamp-date-format which holds similar info for YMD dates using some Google encoding.