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{{Copyrighted free use provided that/layout
|text=The [[w:copyright|copyright holder]] of this file allows anyone to use it '''for any purpose, provided that {{{1|<span style="color:red; font-size:120%;">appropriate conditions and references, including permissions for derivative work and commercial use (unless those are specifically mentioned elsewhere on the page), are filled in as parameter 1 (use "{{Copyrighted free use provided that{{!}}1='''provisions'''}}" if your provisions contain one or more equal signs)'''</span><includeonly>{{{category|[[Category:Pages that do not follow the directions in Template:Copyrighted free use provided that]]}}}[[Category:Primary license tags (flat list)|{{PAGENAME}}]]
|smalltext=Please check that the conditions given above are compliant to the [[Commons:Licensing|Commons licensing policy]]. Most importantly, derivative work and commercial use must be allowed.
{{translated tag|license}}